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My fiancé loved it! It’s sturdy, glasses matched perfectly, great quality. Would definitely shop at this store again

Rubysand on Mar 7, 2021

This cork holder is beautiful and very sturdy. While it arrived later than expected (I don’t blame the seller because everything is late these days), it was packaged perfectly so it arrived in pristine condition. I got this for my fiancé for Valentine’s Day, and he loved it. I would highly recommend!

Mark on Feb 17, 2021

This Piece is very beautiful....I Love It!!!!

Nikeya Saladin on Jan 27, 2021

This product looks fantastic. I just bought this as a gift and I know it would appreciated. The simplicity and beauty of this product is par none. Shipping was much quicker than expected. Very content with the quality and delivery time. Thank you!

KEVIN on Jan 1, 2021

We ordered a different box from another company that we sent back because it was damaged and had no quality. This box from you is awesome! I would buy this again it was so nice. Loved it. Bought it as a gift and he loved it!

Brenda on Dec 27, 2020